Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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David S. Brown
Let’s start with a few questions that we ask ourselves at this time of year….like… How can I do better this year then last? How can I retire? Is there something I can do to make things better in...
Now is a good time to prepare our final wishes and save our family from the hardship of planning our funeral and interment. The people involved would be our Financial Planner, Estate Planner, Accountant, Lawyer and Funeral Director, Minister, Prepaid...
I have been in the Financial Services and Financial Management Sector all of my life. I have been in the role of a Tax Consultant ,Bookkeeper for both small business and farm, Financial Control Officer, Year end Accountant, Internal...
Everyone has heard of SMART Goals but what are SMARTER  Goals? By this time of year the New Years Resolutions or Goals have wore off for many and have lost their motivation and effectiveness to accomplish your New Years objectives. SMARTER...
In recent days i have received back some unhealthy bloodwork that makes me think about and appreciate life. Firstly, I will be ok. God has always had my back. While listening to one of my favourite Bible Teachers last...

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