“Live Life Alive”

In recent days i have received back some unhealthy bloodwork that makes me think about and appreciate life. Firstly, I will be ok. God has always had my back. While listening to one of my favourite Bible Teachers last night, John Bevere, I gained a revelation….. The answer to this question came to me….”What do people (yours truly included) fear or hate the most? The answer…..REJECTION! From this day forward I am going to develop . with God’s help a model that ELIMINATES REJECTION as it applies to Network Marketing (which I believe is a good model yet many using that model can’t get beyond the rejection of family and friends and quit before having any financial and time freedom or success).

One still has to apply consistency and perserverance and work towards their goals BUT in a system that gets results in sales, service and enrollments of like minded people which can be difficult to find in typical marketing vs a system that engages methods that foster more attraction vs more rejection. We now know after many surveys validating the marketplace in the area of baby boomers and retirement that more than 80% of you can’t retire because you haven’t saved money to do so.

We also know that nearly 60% of you want to work for yourself NOW vs later. You hate either your job or your boss. The question to all of the above is….What are you doing about it? The answer to that question is …..”SETTLING FOR WHAT IS vs WHAT COULD BE” Let’s ALL step up to the plate and take action…TODAY Contact us at thewealthyfarmer@ gmail.com and put in the subject line “Frustrated and Afraid” We love you or we wouldn’t communicate as we do. Let’s all decide to live life alive! We will have a complete system in place by the summer of 2019. I can’t wait any longer. How about you? God Bless David That’s ….thewealthyfarmer@ gmail.com…….Subject line “Frustrated and Afraid”