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truck of bison transport

Bison Transport and C.A.T. Win Big in Orlando

  The Truckload Carriers Association 2023 Annual Convention, Truckload 2023 Orlando, culminated with two Canadian carriers picking up major awards. Bison Transport of Winnipeg, and C.A.T. Inc of Coteau-du-Lac, QC, were big winners.  Bison Transport won the  2022 TCA Fleet Safety Awards Grand Prize. in the large carrier division (total annual mileage of 25 million or more) for an impressive 14th consecutive year. Bison had exceptional safety programs and accident frequency ratios over the last year. TCA president Jim Ward in a statement. "This year, we received the most entries in the history of the Fleet Safety Awards, showing that TCA members are truly industry leaders regarding safety. FTC Transportation (winner in the small carrier division total annual mileage of less than 25 million) and Bison are very deserving of the Grand Prize as a symbol of their amazing efforts to improve safety on our roadways."  TCA and Carriers Edge named C.A.T Best Fleet to Drive For in the large carrier category. The Best Fleets to Drive For is an annual survey and contest that recognizes the North American for-hire trucking companies that provide the best workplace experience for their drivers. The award is in its 15th year. Fleets must be nominated by a company...
spring thaw weight restrictions

Spring Thaw Roadway Weight Restrictions

Thankfully springtime is almost here. But with the rising temperatures comes increased damage to our roadways. In order to help protect our roads, the province enforces reduced load restrictions on trucks to protect Ontario's highways during spring thaw when road damage is most likely to occur. All annual and project overweight permits are not valid on any highways unless otherwise specified on the permit during the following: March and April in Southern Ontario March, April and May in Northern Ontario Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways listed in Schedule 1, when appropriate, between March 1, 2023, to April 30, 2023. Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways listed in Schedule 2, when appropriate, between March 1, 2023, to May 31, 2023. Pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act, the ministry will impose reduced load limits for those designated parts of the King's Highways/Roads listed in Schedule 3, when appropriate, between March 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023. The MTO has provided a list of highways that may be affected is included in this memo: https://ontruck.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/2023-Spring-Loads-Restrictions-Memo_public.pdf You can view up-to-date information on...

Wildlife in spring

As spring approaches, a senior driver’s thoughts turn to…Wild life. Yes, it’s that time of year, when hibernating animals awaken, and almost all animals are bearing their young. Here in lies the potential for disaster. Most animals will chase away their offspring after 18-24 months so they can properly care for their newborns. Moose, deer, caribou and elk typically chase the older calves off in March or April in anticipation of new calves, while bears tend to chase off the older cubs in late May or early June.  When adolescent animals are first on their own, they are often frightened and confused as they adapt to the world alone. If spooked, they will bolt, but which way they will bolt is impossible to predict. They may bolt into the bush, directly into your path, or directly into the side of your truck. A moose hit will likely put your truck into the shop for a number of weeks. Older, more mature animals, with more experience in the wild are leas likely to be spooked and bolt, but it does happen.  If you do see a female moose, caribou, elk, deer, etc, be on the lookout for a baby following...
Low angle view of happy truck driver and freight transportation manager greeting on parking lot.

Canada Government Officially Announces $46 million Grant to Trucking Industry

The official announcement of $46 milion grant by the Canadian government to deal with shortage and training of truck drivers and transportation workers has brought cheers to the Trucking Industry.  This grant will go a long way in helping the trucking and logistics sector as the incentives and grants will help the employers in tackling multiple problems pertaining to shortage and training of employees.  The details of the grants are as follows;  A grant upto $10,000 will be given for the training of a new truck driver and this can be a new hire or an old employee aspiring to become a driver. An additional incentive of $10,000 wage incentives for employers to ensure that drivers are ready for roads.   An employer hiring an employee for a non-driving but in-demand job (which are categorized as hard to fill roles) will also be eligible for $10,000 wage incentives. On the other hand, the government will give upto $7,000 grant for offering a post-secondary student with employment and learning opportunity. Another important segment being, an incentive of $10,000 for creating a career opportunity in trucking and logistics for youth under 30.  Also, special incentive upto $10,000 for the employers hiring and providing training to a young driver under...
volvo electric trucks

Committed to the Cause of Sustainable Environment, Volvo Trucks NA Makes 25 Certified EV Dealers

Volvo Trucks North America has emerged as an envoy for sustainable environment by promoting Electric Vehicles.  The company has reached a mark of making 25 certified EV dealers across North America thereby ensuring customer support towards electric vehicle adoption.  Realising the need for a consolidated dealer network to shift the customer base from fuel vehicles to battery operated electric vehicles, Volvo Trucks has left no stone unturned to achieve the target.  There are 15 U.S. states: California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia and three Canadian provinces named British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec where Volvo Trucks has announced its certified EV dealers.  These 25 dealers have become the leaders by opting to invest in certification program ensuring an unequivocal support so to customers interested in deploying electric trucks in their respective regions.
Volvo electric truck green

Volvo Trucks North America Fortifies VDSP; Adds Gilbarco Veeder-Root as Dealer of Electric Vehicle Charging Hardware

In a bid to facilitate its customers to get an easy access to mobile and fixed electric vehicle charging hardware, Volvo Trucks North America has added Gilbarco Veeder-Root to its vendor base. This addition comes as an expansion of Volvo Direct Shipping Program (VDSP) which will enable the customers to buy EV charging hardware solutions straight from the Volvo Truck dealers. The Trucking industry in North America has appreciated the move of Volvo Trucks North America terming it as the company’s commitment towards innovation as well as towards sustainability. In addition to offering complete electromobility solutions, the program will help the customers in efficient deployment of Volvo VNR Electric trucks. Presently, there are five models of EV chargers under VDSP but the options will increase as the demand increases. It is pertinent to mention that Volvo Trucks North America had commenced VDSP in September 2022. Heliox was the first vendor which supplies 50kW Mobile DC Fast Charger (Single Port CCS-1) and 180kW Flex DC Fast Charger (Up to 3 Dispensers with CCS-1). On the other hand, Gilbarco Veeder-Root will supply Kempower 50kW Mobile DC Fast Charger (Single Port CCS-1), ABB Terra 124 120kW DC Fast Charger (Dual Ports CCS-1) and ABB Terra 184 180kW DC...
semi-truck on highway in spring thaw season

Ensure a Smooth Drive Through the Inevitable On-Road Challenges

Truck driving for long has been associated with a “money making” occupation but little do the beginners realise the “on road” hardships that await them.  However, do not get dissuaded by the challenges as there is a thrill and an adrenaline rush attached to “truck driving” that propels a large number of men and women towards this career. The golden rule is three AAAs i.e. “Acceptance”, “Alertness” and “Act in Accordance” to deal with the challenges that await the drivers on road.  Here are some major concerns which when tackled timely and precisely can make driving on long routes easy.   SAFE, TIMELY DELIVERIES  Truck drivers are the most entrusted professionals in the supply-chain line as it is their responsibility to deliver the goods in “original shape”. They have to exercise caution while driving irrespective of the obstacles that come in their way which include applying breaks cautiously, taking turns and even calculating their time. It’s not just a challenge of delivering goods without damaging them but delivering them in stipulated time is what makes it difficult.  PARKING IS DIFFICULT  Finding a proper parking place for long trucks is one of the biggest causes of stress for the drivers as they cross through the busy roads in...
logistics import export of Container Truck on highway and Freight Train with Cargo Plane at city background, Sunset time,

CTA Calls Upon the Canadian Government to Streamline Supply-Chain Issues; Gives a Prebudget Representation

Canadian Trucking Alliance has once again called upon the Government of Canada to secure the supply chain.  CTA has always owned up the responsibility to reiterate the issues that concern trucking industry and people associated with it.  Recent months have witnessed fluctuations in the market and supply chain has been adversely affected by the same. CTA has been one of the few organisations that have constantly worked as a bridge between the people, trucking industry and the government.  As the supply-chain mainly depends upon the trucking industry, the alliance has made earnest efforts in the direction by reaching out to the government for quick redressal of issues.  In a recent prebudget representation for year 2023 given to the government, CTA has given a list of a few items.  Enforcement of Driver Inc. on labour and tax evasions.  Auction of Supply Chain Task Force Recommendations   Institutionalised training funds for trucking industry Trucking Industry’s Environment Action Plan  Trans-Canada Highway’s Rest Stop Investment  Funding for Border Programs and Technologies
Transport securing tension belt on the truck


Pulling a skateboard (flat deck) is really no different from pulling a van or reefer. Loading a deck, however, requires an entirely different skill set. Making the switch from vans to decks, you will feel like a complete rookie driver again.  With a van or reefer, load securement is simple. Pack it in, put some load bars across the back, close the doors and you’re on your way. Decks are quite a bit different. You can’t pack the freight up against the front bulkhead of the trailer, because you likely don’t have one!  Concentrated heavy loads, such as granite, need to be loaded in the center of the trailer to distribute the weight properly. Some lumber loads need to be loaded the same way. Let’s say the load is 20 for long, and weighs 46,000 lbs. how do we secure it properly?  If you’re using straps, then you need enough straps to secure 46,000 lbs. Straps have a WLL (working load limit) of 5,400 lbs, meaning the strap can hold that much weight. So to secure the 46,000 lbs, you will need 9 straps minimum. (9 X 5400=48,600.  A good rule to follow us, once you have the minimum straps...
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