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Chris Harris has been around trucks all his life. His Grandfather and Father both owned trucking companies. Chris started in the trucking industry in his early 20’s and ever since has been in the involved. He started his career as a driver, then manager then into the safety department. Chris learned how insurance companies viewed safety when he joined a trucking insurer. Over that 14-year period with the Insurnace company, he honed his safety expertise.  In 2015, Chris started on his own, forming Safety Dawg Inc. Safety Dawg Inc is a well-trusted safety consultant company who helps their clients with their CVOR, SMS, Trucking insurance and compliance. Over the years, Chris has earned the designations, Certified Director of Safety (CDS), Canadian Risk Management (CRM) and Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP). And Chris now is a co-host of a weekly podcast. Every Friday he releases a new episode of the “Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast.”  The show appears on YouTube and in your favourite podcast player.
Truck Driver Safety Did you see that a truck driver was hijacked on August 2, 2023? The hijacking was not the stealing of a truck or just a load. It was the truck, trailer, and driver. All three were hijacked....
As a professional and experienced truck driver, you know that you are to perform a vehicle inspection once every 24 hours. You also understand that you use "Schedule 1," titled, Daily Inspection of Trucks, Tractors, and Trailers to assist...
How does a newly licensed truck driver get that first position when many companies don’t hire truck drivers without experience? Wow, what a question! And this is a widespread problem. And many trucking companies will tell you that their insurance...
One of my newer clients was recently audited by the US DOT. (YES, the US is still performing audits and it was over Zoom) Overall they did pretty well. But the US DOT had two recommendations for improving their...
Why are brakes forgotten about during a vehicle inspection? Over this last 12 months I must've done at least 40 Different Rd. evaluations. There are a few common situations reoccurred on a regular basis. About half of the drivers that I...

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