E-Bulletin: Ontario Update on OO permits related to Solar Eclipse & general travel advice

A message from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in regards to OO permits, as well as general travel info in relation to the solar eclipse on April 8th. In addition, prepare your drivers for the events on April 8th, and adjust travel plans, if possible, in areas that are experiencing a total or near total eclipse. The path of the total eclipse in Canada will travel through parts of South and Eastern Ontario, Quebec (including parts of Montreal) and the Maritimes. Travel is expected to be significant in these areas. In the US, the eclipse will begin in Texas and continue on a Northeastern path. Advise your drivers of what to expect and what to do to be prepared and operate safely.


MTO message

Further to the memo you received on March 1, 2024, the Ministry of Transportation is anticipating a significant influx of traffic within southern Ontario on all roadways April 7, 8 and 9 due to the solar eclipse. Volumes are expected to be heaviest the afternoon of April 8, once the eclipse has passed.  Those travelling on the highways should expect to encounter long delays on these days.  Permits will continue to be issued with the condition that travel be avoided in southern Ontario, where possible, on April 8 and 9. All Oversize Overweight applications will still require regional clearance prior to issuance and may result in refusals for these two dates.

The ministry appreciates the impact this will have on travel plans and will work with commercial carriers to ensure their permits are received in a timely manner.