2020 the year, the decade, for your success by thinking and acting “Out of the box”

Let’s start with a few questions that we ask ourselves at this time of year….like… How can I do better this year then last? How can I retire? Is there something I can do to make things better in 2020 for my family and I? Am I in optimal or the best health I can be? How can I create more income to spend more time with family or travel (without the truck)? What resources are available to me to help me succeed in both health and wealth? What ARE other options for me to consider that don’t break either my back or my bank? Well, if you have ever asked any of the above questions then keep reading here. Let’s start by getting to know each other better.

I’ll go first for you. 84% of you have not prepared for retirement according to North American Associations of Retired Persons. (ARRP & CARP). Retirement is a fantasy for most of US! You are tired of driving and you want more time and money freedom. You don’t save and you are unhappy with your current circumstances. Some of you want to scream in frustration. Few of you enjoy trucking and have saved for retirement (16%) according to our research. Now it’s my turn…..I got out of the box in 2019 to stay FOR YOU! My background is Pastor, Retired Financial Advisor, Best selling Author and Recruiter and Farmer through and through.

I wrote a book FOR YOU that’s free at www.thewealthytrucker.comto posthumously memorialize my best friend who was a Full Time Trucker. I’ve driven Truck for a season and the reason I am here is not only memorialize my best friend but to help the most undervalued group of people there is in North America and that is YOU! Everything I touch or do is OUT OF THE BOX with YOU in mind! Let me tell you about my destiny as it relates to you as I live out my 65 plus years on this earth. My destiny is to serve YOU either at a Corporate Level speaking to you through your Operation Managers or Human Resources Manager to spread the word of real hope for each and every one of you reading this article OR mentoring you through a reputable and sound networking company in order to help each and every one of create passive income to retire or create time and money freedom and replace your income working part time within three years with some effort on your part. This IS NOT get rich quick.

A strong inspiration had me set up passive income streams for truckers using a simple platform that doesn’t interfere with current driving responsibilities. All Entrepreneurs are welcome to join our successful team but our focus is on Truckers. Questions you may have…. Can anyone do this? The answer is Yes because it is so simple in its approach. Who will train and support me? Yours truly and his team are focused on your success. I am not a salesman. No but you ARE a consumer and a networker in life already. Is this an illegal pyramid? NO There are cutting edge products to keep you safe and alert. How much does it cost? For a coffee or energy drinker for example no more than you are spending now. Back to my “OUT OF THE BOX” message for now. This is an OPTION to help you and your wife retire or create real freedom. Call us at 519-691-6146 for more information. Thanks for reading. David