Now is a good time to prepare our final wishes and save our family from the hardship of planning our funeral and interment.
The people involved would be our Financial Planner, Estate Planner, Accountant, Lawyer and Funeral Director, Minister, Prepaid Funeral representative as well as Cemetery Custodian along with Monument creator and Close Family and Close Friends.
You should have an up to date last will and testament. You could also ask any Funeral Director, Prepaid Funeral representative or Estate Planner for a Final Wishes guide that lays out all you need to do to plan your funeral.
Choose a Power of Attorney and have him or her alongside of Your designated Funeral Director quarterback the final wishes while consulting with the Lawyer at every step.
Sit down with close family and friends and share your financial (inheritance) and personal (funeral) plans so that there are no surprises or alienation caused by the biggest divider out there ….and that is … and family!
The more conversations you have with family concerning your estate and final wishes the smoother will be the transition for your family when you pass away.
I have a neighbor who recently was experiencing stomach pain and went to the doctor to discover he has advanced cancer and three months to live, He is 45 years old with a wife and two teenage daughters. He got his will completed day before yesterday.
I was 47 when I was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer and told to get my affairs in order. I did. Miraculously I am now 66 years old and I cherish each and every day I am alive.
God miraculously healed me.
My affairs are in order.  
It is never too early to get started on your final wishes and plans.
You are doing it out of love not because you should. Preplanning is a gift you give to your family and makes the transition smoother as you go on and leave your cherished family the gift and honour of a preplanned funeral with a current will in place.
Love should be your motivation. When you act out of love plans are always honoured and respected.  When we love our family and close friends we plan to not only help them but to protect those treasured relationships we leave behind. 
The number one combination for strife after death is unresolved issues like unforgiveness mixed with family and money.
Don’t be the architect of ongoing negativity when you die . Forgive everyone BEFORE you plan your final affairs and communicate your forgiveness to all family members then plan with unconditional love in your heart to allow the family to grieve and love each other through your preplanning by not causing future division because of your final decisions and plans .
In summary, if you can get to a place of unconditional love and total heartfelt forgiveness and then PREplan your funeral and interment you will leave behind a strong family legacy of mutual respect and honour throughout the family that is left behind.
Love overcomes all, including Family and Money or Inheritance.
Be good to one another.
David S Brown
The Wealthy Trucker