E-Bulletin: Upcoming Regulatory Requirements in B.C. – Speed Limiter, In-Cab Warning Device Mandates in Effect this Spring

semi tractor trailer driving on the highway in the evening

March 20/2024

Good afternoon,

As you may know, the B.C. Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure recently announced two new regulatory requirements coming into force this spring:

By April 5, 2024: Speed Limiters must be activated, set and accurately programmed to a maximum rate of speed of 105 km/h in commercial vehicles manufactured after 1994, with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than 11,793 kg, that have an electronically controlled engine.

By June 1, 2024: In-cab visual/audio warning devices must be installed in commercial vehicles equipped with a dump box capable of rising above 4.15 meters.

More information regarding these requirements can be found in CVSE Bulletin #07-2023, recently updated to include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), posted online at CVSE.ca/What’s New.

Please share this information amongst your colleagues, members of your organization, and stakeholders. If you have questions not answered by the bulletin/FAQ, enquiries can be made to CVSE.modernization@gov.bc.ca and will be responded to by a representative.

Thank you,

CVSE General Inquiry