Concerned over the Constant Decline in Class 8 Truck Orders, Industry Envisages an Improvement by mid of 2023

A modern big rig semi truck for long haulage with a high cabin for improving aerodynamic characteristics moves under the bridge across a multi-lane highway transporting a dry van semi trailer with commercial cargo to the place of delivery

In stark contrast to the highest sale record in September 2022, the North American Class 8 trucks have shown a constant decline in last four months, thus becoming a cause of concern for the industry. 

As per the reports shared by FTR, the orders of Class 8 decreased to 21,600 units in January which was down by 25% from December. 

However, despite the decline in orders for the past four months, the numbers are higher as compared to the previous year total. 

On the other hand, the gap between the orders and the production is something that can’t be ignored as the latter remains higher than the former. 

Meanwhile, a closer look at the order numbers points towards the average of 18,000 units per month in first six months of 2022. January too is up by 2% year-over-year that gives the industry a reason to envisage an improvement in numbers by the mid of 2023.