ATA Joins DOT’s Call to Action for Zero Highway Fatalities

Car Crash with police

Fatal accidents involving commercial vehicles on highways is a major concern for the trucking industry worldwide. 

Becoming the torchbearer to extend support to the good cause of reducing accidents on Highways, the American Trucking Association joined hands with the Department of Transportation (DOT) to achieve the goal of “zero highway fatalities”. 

ATA recently announced that it has joined DOT’s “call to action” along with various other organizations, advocacy and community groups, researchers to work towards National Roadway Safety Strategy. 

DOT in last one year has acted stringently in rulemaking and issuing guidelines which has prepared a ground for decreasing fatal crashes on U.S. roads. 

To list a few actions taken in the direction, DOT’s in the first year of its five-year National Roadway Safety Strategy has issued a final rule on rear impact guards for truck trailers and also a laid down rule for speed limiters on large trucks. The project also includes providing funds for safer road designs and for carrying out campaigns for curtailing speed.

Simultaneously, ATA stated that its Law Enforcement Advisory Board under “Through our Share the Road program,” and ongoing work zone safety awareness campaign will committedly educate the people on various road safety aspects. These aspects will include safely sharing the road with large trucks, practicing safety in construction zones and increasing collaboration between the trucking industry and law enforcement.