Trucks For Change Committed to Combat Child Hunger

Trucks For Change Committed to Combat Child Hunger

A number of Canadian Trucking companies are joined in an initiative to address child hunger during the summer months when children are out of school and do not have access to in-school nutrition programs. The Trucks for Change (T4C) network has joined forces to assemble nutritious food packs for Food Banks Canada’s annual After the Bell (ATB) program.

The program includes the combined efforts of T4C supporters along with carriers accustomed to transporting ATB food packs in May and June. Over 50 volunteers participated in the event held at Mississauga’s International Centre.

Nearly 450,000 food packs have been delivered to communities since 2020 with the help of T4C’s trucking network. They are expected to help deliver 185,000 lbs. of healthy, child-friendly packs to food banks across Canada in the summer of 2023.

Trucks for Change chair Scott Smith said, “As an After the Bell partner, Trucks for Change is pleased to have been invited to participate in the ATB Volunteer Packing event. Not only did we help build and box food packs, but we were able to provide a little trucking expertise when it came to preparing the food packs and pallets for shipping.”

Betsy Sharples, the executive director of the network, mentioned that, “After having supported this program for several years from a freight-movement perspective, I think that the companies and their volunteers really appreciated being part of the effort that goes into preparing the food packs,” adding that “a bit of friendly competition between the packing stations added to the fun.”

As of this week, Trucks for Change will coordinate transportation through its network of community-minded and kind-hearted carriers. Nearly 350 pallets will be delivered to 90 food banks across Canada.

The teamwork spreads the task across a wide spectrum of trucking companies. Their commitment and generosity help to provide nutrition to children in high-needs communities across the country.

Approximately 25 carriers across Canada have committed to delivering ATB food packs this year.

The T4C ATB Packing team consisted of volunteers from these organizations:

  • Bison Transport
  • Bridgestone Canada
  • Erb Group of Companies
  • GX Transportation Solutions
  • J.D. Smith and Sons
  • Kriska Transportation Group
  • National Truck League
  • Navistar Canada
  • The Tandet Group
  • Transcourt Inc.
  • XTL Transport

Those needing further information can reach out to Trucks For Change by contacting
Betsy Sharples via their website.

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