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While a teenager Tony was fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue his love of aviation and began a career began in the airline world during his days in high school and university as he grew up in Toronto. After completing University at Guelph he moved to Ottawa, following a path in urban agriculture and environmental awareness. He shared his insights for over 2 decades as he appeared on TV, and radio, as the "Plant D octor", and operating his own business in horticulture. Later he reentered the transport industry and became involved in the manufacture and marketing of sustainable fuel-saving and safety products for the truck industry. He is director of an African American art collection based in Washington D.C. Today he writes passionately about transportation, sustainability, concerns of our modern-day world, and the intrigue of the human condition.
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned all our lives upside down. Office work may be changed forever thanks to the pandemic. As the country enters a heavy lockdown in mid-January of 2021, permanent long term changes to our society may...
As the American economy goes, so too goes Canada's. We are the tail that wags to the wishes of the big U.S. dog. The question is, will U.S. economic policy towards Canada change with Joe Biden as president? Yes,...
2020 will go down in history as one that changed modern society and the future of mankind. I must admit, when challenged to write about the positives arising from 2020, I had to scratch my head for more than...
It is said that respect is hard to find, that it must be earned, and may come in the strangest ways and at the strangest times. In the trucking game, a gruelling industry that takes no prisoners, being respected...
On November 11, Remembrance Day, we in Canada pause solemnly to reflect upon the many who fought for the rights and freedoms, and privileges we often take for granted. Why is it so important to remember those we never knew?...
It finally struck me, why this pandemic thing is bothering me so much. Well, there's lots about it that is bothering me, the inconvenience and the life it has stolen, the day to day things, friends I can't see,...
The Trucking Industry became complex through the opening months of 2020. New trade agreements with the U.S. Mexico and Canada and low fuel costs enthused the possibilities of a boom in this business sector. But then COVID-19 struck and...
While Canada and much of the world closed their borders and locked up their businesses in an attempt to conquer Coronavirus, Sweden chose to conduct a wild and criticized science experiment with its population. It may have gone terribly...
An uneasy summer during an uneasy year, 2020 is a year of change and challenge. The world economy has been ravaged, so too the world’s health by COVID-19, a pandemic, a deathly disease that spreads worldwide. But it appears...
Please say it ain't so! It's looking like COVID-19 may cause the death of one of mankind's most gracious forms of connecting with another individual, one that has been around for centuries. The pandemic health crisis is impacting on...

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