Trucking Industry Sees Acquisition of Quickload Logistics by Western IntermodeX as a Strategic Move

supply chain container terminal at dusk

In the list of recent mergers that have taken place in trucking industry, acquisition of Quickload Logistics by Western IntermodeX (IntermodeX) has made it to the top ones.
Quickload has become a part of IntermodeX with Coast2000 Terminals and Interhold Distribution which have been the front runners for intermodal services space in B.C.

The merger will fortify Western IntermodeX as Quickload Logistics is a name reckoned with expertise and strong customer bonding.

Moreover, this acquisition will add to the import trans load potential in Prince Rupert giving a push to the North American marketplace.

The trucking industry is eyeing this merger as a strategic move on the part of both the companies as they have combined their respective strengths to emerge as a bigger force in future.

Western IntermodeX has an excellent reputation for providing integrated intermodal services asap with cargo moved by container, rail, barge, and truck to global markets.
At the same time Quickload in last decade and half has made a mark in the industry by developing processes for the efficient handling of critical goods.