Tragedy in Carberry: A Nation Grieves

northern ontario deadly crash on highway 17

Yesterday the nation heard the shocking news from Carberry Manitoba that at least 15 seniors on their way to a fun day at a casino had tragically died in a crash between a semi trailer and a bus carrying 25 people.

Numerous others were seriously injured, many untold friends, relatives, and the nation, are grieving.

Too eerily, the accident echoed the Humboldt Bus crash tragedy in 2018.

It’s hard to separate the two incidents: a transport truck, a bus with numerous occupants, and an intersection.

What went wrong?

According to the CBC on the scene. RCMP Supt. Rob Lasson said it appears the bus, carrying 25 people from Dauphin and the surrounding area, was crossing the Trans Canada, heading south, when it was struck. “The bus had already crossed the westbound lanes and was crossing the eastbound lanes when the semi struck it,” said Lasson.

Manitoba RCMP has already contacted police officials who worked on the Humboldt truck/bus crash investigation of 2018 for their expertise.

Officials have closed the intersection to conduct a complete forensic analysis of the accident. It is far too early for conclusions, but already there are many questions.

Was this an abnormally busy or dangerous intersection? Were there traffic lights, or a stop sign ignored? Was distracted or impaired driving involved? Was speeding involved?

In the Humboldt crash, the driver’s name leaked quickly; this time, the RCMP has withheld names. As of Thursday night, no family members had been notified. Police Superintendent Lasson told the CBC, “We need to get everything right. It’s critical.”

Meanwhile, a nation is mourning the loss of so many that started their day on a fun trip that quickly and horrifically ended in tragedy.

An accident that did not need to happen.

The lesson for us all, is heightened intersection awareness and safety.