Ontario Trucking Association Welcomes MTO’s Announcement Towards Renewal of Air Brake Endorsement; Terms it “Driver Centric”

Truck parking brake knob and trailer air supply knob
Push pull truck parking brake knob and trailer air supply knob

A regulatory proposal announced by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) aims at the introduction of air brake learning modules to be an added alternative to the air brake renewal knowledge test. 

Trucker community along with Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has welcomed the announcement. 

Commercial driver and carrier members had shared their concerns with OTA over reviewing their stand over air brake renewal knowledge test. OTA in turn shared the same with MTO pointing at the “reviewal” of the requirement so as to make things easier for the truckers. 

Speaking on behalf of the drivers, OTA had ensured that drivers will carry on enhancing their knowledge of brake systems but there was the need to make it less cumbersome by sanctioning “renewals” through learning module. 

OTA further appreciated MTO proposal stating that this would go a long way in ensuring highway safety, equipping drivers with extra knowledge on airbrake system and will extend support to the professional drivers with valid air brake endorsements. 

It is noteworthy that drivers going for renewal of the air brake endorsement with the learning modules will be charged a fee of $16.00.