National Trucking Week In Canada

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, issued a statement today, naming this week National Trucking Week.

National Trucking Week is usually the first full week in September. As the Minister rightly pronounced in his statement, “It is a time to reflect on the value that truckers and the trucking industry bring to our country. There are 1.2 million commercial vehicles on our roads, and they support internal trade between our provinces and territories, accounting for nearly one-fifth of our GDP. That adds up to $370 billion. Road transport also accounts for 42% of Canada’s merchandise trade.

Our economy runs on wheels and is held in the hands of truck drivers all across and to the
furthest points of our nation. Trucking is more than just the engine to our economy; it is the lifeblood of almost every Canadian.

We all depend on trucking and those in the industry every day. The food in our stores, the
medicine in our pharmacies, and the goods on our shelves are thanks to trucking. Our lives would be completely different without them. It is impossible to imagine what our lives would be like if not for the trucking industry. We count on them to deliver, and they do!

The work of truckers makes our lives easier, and they make our country stronger. Trucking helps support every industry in our nation, most of which could not operate without the help of trucking. They are vital to our supply chain and help keep Canada working.

It is time to thank all those in the trucking industry. Truckers spend long, arduous hours on the road, often away from their families. Trucking is not the healthiest or easiest of jobs, nor one that receives the gratitude it should, lest we forget that trucking is also one of Canada’s most dangerous jobs. We all count on truckers, but it seems we are never there when the last deliveries are made at the end of the day to thank them for the hard work they do and the challenges they face every day.

Hopefully, every Canadian will take some time this week to reflect on the importance of trucking and those who work tirelessly in the industry to improve our lives daily.

During National Trucking Week, let’s all recognize and be grateful for the hard work and dedication of all those in the trucking industry. Our lives would not be the same without them.

Thank you, Truckers, for what you do for all of Canada!