Remembrance day with typography decorated by red poppies. Lest we forget typography poster

Why We Remember: The Symbolism of the Poppy

This week we remember those who served with our forces to protect the peace and freedom we enjoy in Canada and other nations too. Sometimes in the mayhem of...

See and be seen: Winter Driving Tips

During the winter season, visibility is a serious issue. Not only are the nights longer, but inclement weather can make it nearly impossible to see, and to be seen....
Big rig stylish industrial dark gray semi truck with turned on headlights transporting cargo in dry van semi trailer running on the twilight wet road with light reflection surface in rain weather

Trucking 2022 heading into 2023

Over the past 2 and a ½ years we have witnessed so many changes that affect the trucking industry; from covid restrictions like wearing masks and gloves to mandatory...

Winter driving tips for new drivers

For those new to winter driving, I’d like to offer a few pointers to help you make it through the most challenging driving conditions you’ll ever encounter. First and foremost,...

Tips from a Pro: Don’t be a Hero

With Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en in our rear view mirrors, it’s now time to turn our attention to the annual winter driving season.  For this article, I’ll share a few...

Coaching for success

Telematics, data, cameras, ELD, we are in an age of trucking where the organization can be overwhelmed with information. Keeping our fleet safe and protected from the dreaded nuclear...

Breaking up is hard to do

Controllers usually work rotating shifts nights, weekends, and all public holidays. The schedules are usually set 28 days in advance. In many countries, the structure of controllers' shift patterns is regulated to allow for adequate time off. There is widespread recognition that Air Traffic Controllers must have breaks. Unfortunately, when we take a break, stress follows. We really can’t go anywhere without stress being involved.
White day cab big rig industrial semi truck transporting commercial cargo in dry van semi trailer running in convoy behind another semi truck driving on the interstate highway road

Staying healthy on the road is easier than you think

Let’s face facts... The lifestyle of the long haul driver is far from the healthiest of lifestyles.  Our jobs are sedentary, our stress levels can be quite high and our eating habits can be atrocious.  Grabbing a coffee and a pastry in the morning, maybe a few more coffees during the day, something quick from the truck stop deli, or one of the fast food places most truck stops offer, high sugar soft drinks, or energy drinks to “pump you up” for the last few miles of the day, then probably another burger, or something similar from the truck stop before crawling under the blankets for not-so refreshing sleep. 
Heavy duty tire chains.

The Chains That Bind Us to the Road

It’s getting to “that time of the year” again, where we will soon be needing to carry and possible use tire chains.  I know, I know... Nobody really enjoys winter driving, but it’s just something we have to deal with.  East of British Columbia, they are not needed, and in most of Canada their use is not permitted, but if you run British Columbia, they are a definite must.  In addition to British Columbia, the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado and California all require you to carry a minimum amount of chains, or similar traction device.
semi tractor trailer driving on the highway in the evening

Which Carrier Should I Choose?

I was surfing through Facebook one day when a question came through one of the group chats. A driver had just finished his driving course and was looking to...