Trucking 2022 heading into 2023

Big rig stylish industrial dark gray semi truck with turned on headlights transporting cargo in dry van semi trailer running on the twilight wet road with light reflection surface in rain weather

Over the past 2 and a ½ years we have witnessed so many changes that affect the trucking industry; from covid restrictions like wearing masks and gloves to mandatory vaccinations and pre border clearance using the arriveCAN app. We saw many companies go out of business or sell to other larger businesses, driver shortages that have always been a “thing” to now it is a serious problem. Drivers either aging out and taking their well-deserved retirement or choosing to not drive across borders anymore due to the mandatory vaccinations policies put out by both the USA and Canadian Governments. Even now that some of the covid restrictions have been lifted, the covid salty taste left in people’s mouths so to speak has really affected the trucking industry. Looking at it from a positive perspective, trucks still move and are much needed as goods are now open to trade and travelling across the borders now more than even before covid due to severe goods shortages all over North America. Keep on hiring, there are lots of skilled people out there looking for jobs, learn to be a truck driver as they are very much in need right now!

With extended wait times at the borders due to more traffic moving, restrictions and drug smuggling at an all-time causing increased inspections, drivers are becoming irritated as they are the ones on the front line having to face all of these repercussions. 

With the mandatory in both USA and Canada regulations about eLog systems and electronic on board and smart phone technologies, albeit very expensive for the companies, this technology actually helps the drivers try to meet the just in time delivery schedules that they battle on a daily basis. Things like taking the time to do your 18-point inspections and safety inspections will also help reduce your time at the borders and on the roads. Always use routine routes that make the best sense and keep your company of where you are at all times, report any obstacles in your way like traffic, bad weather, road closures and like I just experienced again on highway 401 the massive amount of construction going on in many areas of the 401. GPS will help the company locate you in the truck and on your smart phone but remember to the company informed; this is not only so that they know where you are but also for safety reasons, many drivers go missing due to accidents or even health issues like heart attacks and the only way anyone can reach you to help you is if they know where you are. 

While shipping costs have increased due to fuel charges going through the roof, the demand for goods is so high now that importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors will pay that increased price as they too feel that pain, it is better to get the goods than to worry about the 10% cost increases, this coming from numerous companies that I have been talking to about this. 

Trucking is and always will be the most in demand type of company there is because goods have to move from point A to point B no matter what is going on in the world so keep on trucking! We all appreciate and need you! So heading into 2023 lead with a positive we are in demand moving up attitude! We need the trucking industry to get our goods and supplies to all of us! Go Truckers! 

Stay Safe and Healthy Out There!