DRAKKAR Logistics and Trinet Launch a New Joint 3PL Service for Import Logistics Solutions in Canada

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Montreal, May 17, 2022 – DRAKKAR Logistics, along with its affiliate company, Trinet, are  extremely proud to announce the launch of their new service, ONE+. This service combines the  operational and outsourcing offering from 2 best-in-class providers, providing 360 solutions to manufacturing and retail companies from all over the world. ONE+ unifies the entire 3PL cycle  required to streamline the import logistics. 

ONE+ encompasses an all-in-one logistics approach that oversees the entire supply chain flows.  The services range from international freight management, air and ocean, customs brokerage and  drayage to warehousing solutions, container de-stuffing, inventory and distribution management  as well as transportation services in Canada, U.S. including cross border handling of LTL and small  parcel. Added to these services is an innovative cloud-based Transportation Management System  (TMS) for track and trace visibility purpose, managed or self-serve freight management and a 

Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution. That is, without saying, supported by data analysis tools. 

Clients can leverage all the benefits of ONE+ by having access to cost reduction strategies,  services tailored to their needs with one integrated team, one streamlined process, one  technological platform, and one consolidated invoice of all services provided. 

“I am proud to continue to provide the industry with innovative turnkey solutions. This new joint  service adds value to our North American and international clients’ import logistics needs with  tailored solutions, one benefit at a time. We are already receiving positive reactions and great  anticipation to put this new service into action. ONE+ is one more way Trinet makes your day a  little easier,” said Warren McCaffrey, President and Chief Operating Officer of Trinet. 

“This is an exciting moment for DRAKKAR Logistics’ current and potential customers. Combining  our expertise with our affiliate Trinet in an integrated solution for import logistics, we will definitely  support some of the industry’s biggest challenges, including an increase demand for warehousing  space with less than 1% storage capacity available in large cities such as in GTA and Montreal,”  added Michel Girard, President of DRAKKAR Logistics. 

About DRAKKAR Logistics :

DRAKKAR Logistics is a Montreal-based 3PL company whose service offering is based on fleet,  dock, freight, retail fulfillment and assembly-lines kitting management. With more than 700  employees in Quebec and Ontario and its corporate head office in Montreal, the company meets  the needs of local, national and international clients with state-of-the-art technology, unique know how and efficient operational solutions. 

About Trinet :

Since 1998, Trinet has been providing certified, quality transportation and freight forwarding  services throughout Canada, the United States and across the world. With the latest web-based  platform supported by leading-edge technology and proven processes, Trinet is your outsourcing  partner of choice.