Committed to the Cause of Sustainable Environment, Volvo Trucks NA Makes 25 Certified EV Dealers

Volvo Trucks North America has emerged as an envoy for sustainable environment by promoting Electric Vehicles. 

The company has reached a mark of making 25 certified EV dealers across North America thereby ensuring customer support towards electric vehicle adoption. 

Realising the need for a consolidated dealer network to shift the customer base from fuel vehicles to battery operated electric vehicles, Volvo Trucks has left no stone unturned to achieve the target. 

There are 15 U.S. states: California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia and three Canadian provinces named British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec where Volvo Trucks has announced its certified EV dealers. 

These 25 dealers have become the leaders by opting to invest in certification program ensuring an unequivocal support so to customers interested in deploying electric trucks in their respective regions.