Training During The Covid-19 Pandemic

"A royalty free image from the transportation industry depicting a truck driver taking drugs, something that is a concern in the trucking industry."

The Covid-19 Global Pandemic has certainly changed our World as we new it! For Transportation Companies there have been many challenges including Training. When it comes to the International Trade Agreements like CUSMA/USMCA and the Anti-Terrorism, Anti Drug Smuggling, Anti Money Laundering and the even more despicable Truck & Driver HiJacking, these trainings are a MUST!

Do to the Covid-19 Pandemic Live in Person Training Sessions have become very difficult to do as there are so many constraints put upon us by the Governments of both the Provinces and of Canada over all. The “Stay At Home” orders and the Canada/USA Borders still remaining Closed have put a lot of questions in the minds of both the Drivers and the Transportation Companies.

Having been in both Customs and having owned Cross Border Services for over 20 years now, this Pandemic has brought me to the conclusion that we are in desperate need of training for these programs. I have developed an extremely useful online Mastermind Training Session for all drivers of Transportation Companies. This new program highlights all of the Mandatory requirements of the newly launched MSC Minimum Security Criteria that all Drivers for all Transportation Companies need to meet. I have made this extremely affordable so that all Drivers will have the opportunity to learn what they need to know to meet all of the requirements for the new MSC for the CTPAT, PIP & FAST Programs!

Please go to this link and grab your Mastermind Training Session Today! Be Compliant Before You Hit The Borders! Time Costs Money!

Mastermind Training for Trucking Companies & Drivers on CTPAT PIP & FAST – 2020 EDITION

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