Trailer Mechanics Academy

Trailer Mechanics Academy

Trailer Mechanics Academy: A Training Opportunity from TIP GROUP

A leading truck and trailer service provider has announced they are commencing a new and innovative Academy to educate and train trailer mechanics. The TIP Group, a world-leading truck and trailer service provider, announced the new program at the start of June. The TIP Mechanic Academy will launch in Denmark, France, the Netherlands, the Uk and Canada this fall and in Germany in early 2024.

The program allows hands-on individuals to pursue a well-paid and stable career.

TIP says that the Mechanic Academy will be the first of its kind in the transportation industry. Trainees will become TIP-certified trailer mechanics after the nine-month course. Those accepted into the program will receive a package that includes salary and benefits relevant to their experience level when they join.

TIP developed the Mechanic Academy for individuals wanting a career as a technician in the transportation industry.

The program covers a broad curriculum, including trailer diagnostics, maintenance, repair and safety. The trainees will also benefit from receiving practical training in TIP’s state-of the-art facilities and will work on actual trailers. At the same time, they are supervised and mentored by experienced mechanics.

Trainees will have the opportunity to learn from TIP experts. The course will combine instructor-led lead e-learning and hands-on training and bring what they have learned into immediate practice.

The training program will be limited to eight to twelve trainees per class to ensure that trainees receive close supervision and dedicated teaching.

TIP is committed to providing ongoing career development opportunities for its employees, and graduates of the TIP Mechanic Academy will have access to further training and advancement within the organization, either as a workshop supervisor/manager or a technician.

Once the trainees have successfully completed the Academy, they will have the opportunity to join the annual global Mechanic Team Competition, where the talent and expertise of mechanics are celebrated and rewarded. The finals are in Valencia, Spain.

“Mechanics are the unsung heroes of our industry, and we rely on them to serve our customers and keep their fleet on the road. The TIP Mechanic Academy is a great opportunity to attract new talent, and the fast track learning ensures trainees get to put their new knowledge into practice in just nine months and receive remuneration,” says Hiske Damhuis, Chief Human Resource Officer.

The TIP Mechanic Academy applications are now open, and the program will commence in autumn 2023. For more information on the program and how to apply, please visit the TIP website:

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