Permit Renewals

With Christmas and the end of the calendar year approaching most of us will be looking forward to getting home for the holidays. One thing to keep in mind for the end of the year is most permits, truck and trailer registrations need to be renewed by midnight on December 31.

Be sure to check your licensing binder, or permit book to ensure everything that needs to be renewed is renewed before January 1. IFTA, CVOR, and most state and provincial operating authorities, as well as customs fee transponders, are due by January 1. The customs transponder isn’t critical, but without the renewal, you’ll have to pay to cross into the US. I think the fee is now $25, but I could be wrong.

Not having the updated IFTA, or state or provincial operating authorities will get you a fine, and you could be shut down until you get the proper permits, or you could be forced to buy a temporary permit, and they are not inexpensive.

When you get the updated permits, place them in your authority book in the proper place, but keep the current ones until January 1. Before you start driving on January 1, be sure to remove and discard the old permits, as having them could lead to a ticket if they are found during an inspection.

Don Taylor has been a professional driver since March 1985.  In 1994 he made the jump to driving tractor trailers, and has accumulated over 3.5 million miles, including over 4 years of driving turnpike doubles in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.  He is currently hauling flat decks across North America.