Minister of Transport announces new client identification database for the transportation of dangerous goods in Canada

The Government of Canada is committed to promoting public safety and security, including when dangerous goods are being handled or transported in Canada.
Today, the Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, announced the launch of new registration requirements and a new Client Identification Database to reduce risks associated with dangerous goods.

These new requirements will give Transport Canada more current, accurate, and complete information about persons or organizations who are involved in the transportation of dangerous goods. They demonstrate the Government of Canada’s commitment to promoting public safety, including when dangerous goods are handled or transported in Canada.

Under these new regulations, which are coming into force today, applicable persons or organizations must provide, in the new database, information regarding dangerous goods they are importing, offering for transport, handling, or transporting. They must also provide information about sites where dangerous goods are being imported, offered for transport, handled, or transported. This information must be updated annually.

The Client Identification Database is a new online platform for registering and identifying persons and organizations who import, offer to transport, handle, or transport dangerous goods in Canada. After the Client Identification Database has been in place for one year, penalties may be imposed for non-compliance, up to and including criminal prosecution for extreme or repeated infractions.

Applicable persons and organizations working with dangerous goods can register on the Client Identification Database at: