Five-Year Extension to Eastern Canada’s Ferry Services Contribution Program

Trucks on the ferry.

While not much of a concern for much of Canada’s landlocked population, ferry service is a part of life for many people in Eastern Canada, especially in the Maritime provinces. For people in those areas, ferries may be their regular link to goods and services, and for carriers operating in the area, some ferries may represent the only access they have to certain markets.

Back in August of this year, the Government of Canada announced a five-year extension to the Ferry Services Contribution Program, a program meant to fund ferry service providers in Eastern Canada.  The program provides regular and reliable access to ferries along certain routes.

Some areas of Canada are completely reliant on ferries for truck traffic, such as Vancouver Island and Newfoundland.  It might not be relevant to many carriers, but those with Eastern operations will likely welcome this announcement since it represents continued infrastructure investment for trade.

People and carriers who rely on the affected ferries will be able to continue to rely on them until 2027.  Even at that time, the Government of Canada has announced that it plans to renew the agreement, a sign that suggests ferry transport is a priority and seen as a long-term transportation strategy by the federal government.