COVID-19 with ongoing Truck Driver Shortage is a threat to Food Supply Chain

Supermarket customers keep on packing their carts in light of the coronavirus pandemic, driving chains like Loblaws, Fortinos and Walmart to set early closing times to restock their racks. Food industry administrators guarantee people in general there is no nourishment shortage, however that doesn’t mean the coronavirus represents no danger to the nourishment system across North America. As the pandemic perseveres, work deficiencies in transportation and different are of the nourishment business could before long end up being an issue.

Experts and government officials say there is plenty of food. “This isn’t a supply chain disruption,” Though the Canadian food system is frequently criticized for being too big and too monolithic, its size and expediency, including crop surpluses, mean the Canada has plenty of food available for the long haul.

There are various shaky areas in the food transportation system that could be impacted by the expanded demand for food and supplies. Transportation is the one thing that associates all phases of the stocking network, from farms to handling handling to stockroom to supermarket. That’s why any labor shortage in the food system, but especially a shortage of truck drivers, could pose a serious threat to the food supply chain if the high demand for groceries continues unabated.

The fast worldwide spread of COVID-19 methods means few answers and heaps of vulnerability over all ventures, tragically, and that incorporates Food Production. While many are trusting the spread of the infection will slow before the finish of the mid year, it’s difficult to know without a doubt. “What sort of shape we will be in the fall is not yet clear,”.

The specific idea of the driver shortage in the trucking business is additionally tough to survey. There isn’t boundless understanding about whether there even is a truck driver shortage, for instance. At the point when the shortage was first broadly revealed in 2018, a few experts, including authorities at the Department of Labor, suggested that there wasn’t actually a truck driver shortage, and that the claims were an industry push to remove regulations related to driver safety and long haul trucking, like mandated breaks during driving assignments.With the border between Canada and the U.S. closed to non-essential traffic, those who are essential to commerce are reacting to the decision. On the bright side, transport drivers we spoke to say they look forward to smoother crossings with less traffic.

What to then – Stay Stronger, Stay Calm, Keep Social Distance, Wait and Watch!!!

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