Check Tires During Your Pre-Trip

A flat tire is an out-of-service defect, meaning it must be repaired before the truck is driven.  However, other defects place a tire out-of-service, such as an audible air leak and a tire pressure at 50% or less than the tire’s maximum cold fill pressure.

There are also many other violations and out-of-service conditions related to tire defects, so pay close attention to your tires during all of your inspections.  Tire problems develop enroute too, so pay special attention to them during your post-trip inspections.

Here’s a quick tip for your pre-trip.  Once you have checked your tires and are mostly done with your inspection, roll the truck forward by about a one-half tire rotation and then check your tires again.  This will allow you to see defects on the undersides of the tires that would have been impossible to see the first time, such as exposed cords or cuts that were in contact with the ground during your first walk-around.