Saturday, October 31, 2020
The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, winter is soon approaching. Driving during the winter can be one of a driver’s most difficult tasks. A bit of preparation can make the difference between a successful journey and one...
It finally struck me, why this pandemic thing is bothering me so much. Well, there's lots about it that is bothering me, the inconvenience and the life it has stolen, the day to day things, friends I can't see,...
That's a basic need for mental health. People who have mental health concerns often feel alone and left out. It's not that easy though. In years past the truckers network were the Truckstops. We would stumble out of our trucks, belly...
Drug smuggling unfortunately is on the rise during Covid-19. There are many people out of work right now and instead of being honest upstanding people and either getting another job or start their own business or get government money...
It’s amazing that in January we didn’t even know the Coronavirus existed and ten months later we are still in a restricted mode. What seemed like a bump in the road has turned into a different way of life...
Professional drivers keep moving regardless of conditions and keep their feet up so they don't fall. On October 29 professional drivers Shelley Uvenile-Hesch and David Henry will discuss their experiences while on the road one mile at a time. Life...
Importance of a Supply Chain Security Program Key Risk Mitigation Strategies Cargo Crime Problem in Canada Root Problem – Organized Crime Groups Cargo Theft Methods Preventative Solutions – Driver & Business Preventative Solutions – High-Value Loads Monitoring Services – Cargo Security Responsive Services – Load Recovery Canada Cargo...
WSIB chair Elizabeth Witmer announced at the board’s AGM today that the WSIB will be holding all premium rates at their 2020 level for 2021.    This means employers in the trucking industry will pay the same premium rate in 2021...
This week I traveled to Australia to speak at a conference. On my flight from Sydney to Perth, I was pulled aside for additional screening for explosives. The agent passed a wand over my luggage, my shoes and my...

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