Canada’s 2021-2022 Winter Forecast: Stormy, Cold, and Varied

snow covered highway in austria with cars out of focus
slippery highway in wintertime

Winter in Canada always comes with snow, storms, and cold throughout each of the provinces.  For those who have spent a few seasons travelling through Canada, this should come as no surprise.  However, there is value in seeing what might be in store for us as the 2021-2022 Canadian winter begins to show itself.

Already, areas of Ontario have seen significant winter storms.  In Alberta, snow has landed throughout the Province at least once despite an unusually warm and mild Fall season.  So in general, what can we expect for the winter months ahead?

According to AccuWeather, areas of Southern BC and Western Ontario will see a near-normal winter.  However, for Southern BC this means significant rainfall and snow at higher elevations, something that will certainly impact highway travel even if the temperatures remain mild.

Canada’s Prairies can expect stabs of cold from the polar vortex that threaten to bring a winter with temperatures colder than what is normal for the region.  For those who remember February in 2021, temperatures similar to this year’s extreme colds may be seen again.

Throughout the Eastern Canadian provinces, temperatures are expected to be warmer than usual but snowfall is expected to be significant as well.  This is good news for those who enjoy outdoor snow-dependent activities, but it also means travellers will need to pay close attention to weather and road reports.

In Canada’s northern regions and the territories, normal conditions are expected.  But, normal for the territories still means lots of snow and extreme cold, so travellers in those regions need to take precautions and plan to be as self-sufficient as possible during emergencies due to the remote nature of some of the area’s highways.