Canada Government Officially Announces $46 million Grant to Trucking Industry

Low angle view of happy truck driver and freight transportation manager greeting on parking lot.

The official announcement of $46 milion grant by the Canadian government to deal with shortage and training of truck drivers and transportation workers has brought cheers to the Trucking Industry. 

This grant will go a long way in helping the trucking and logistics sector as the incentives and grants will help the employers in tackling multiple problems pertaining to shortage and training of employees. 

The details of the grants are as follows; 

A grant upto $10,000 will be given for the training of a new truck driver and this can be a new hire or an old employee aspiring to become a driver. An additional incentive of $10,000 wage incentives for employers to ensure that drivers are ready for roads.  

An employer hiring an employee for a non-driving but in-demand job (which are categorized as hard to fill roles) will also be eligible for $10,000 wage incentives.

On the other hand, the government will give upto $7,000 grant for offering a post-secondary student with employment and learning opportunity.

Another important segment being, an incentive of $10,000 for creating a career opportunity in trucking and logistics for youth under 30. 

Also, special incentive upto $10,000 for the employers hiring and providing training to a young driver under 30.