BC Highway/Travel Conditions

Causeway during a heavy rain storm. Vancouver, BC., Canada.
Commuter traffic through the Stanley Park Causeway during a heavy rain storm. Vancouver, BC., Canada.

The best resource for real time specifics will always be Drive BC ( www.drivebc.ca ). We will NOT be providing notice of real-time highway conditions as the provincial government is best positioned to do this.

Please DO NOT “read between the lines.” As always, we will pass along what we know and tell you what we do not.  Simply because we do not know does not mean it’s “bad,” or “terrible,” or otherwise. We just do not know.

What we know:

  • Rail traffic through the Fraser Canyon remains interrupted and there is no ETA for providing an estimate of when service will resume.
  • There are over 10,000 people evacuated around the province, most from Merritt. Over 7,000 have re-located to Kamloops; 1,100 are in Hope. Work is underway to build a temporary access road to move people out of the Hope region. There is no ETA for a return   to Merritt.
  • All connections from the interior to the coast remain closed.
  • It is extremely likely that Hwy 1 and 5 will be closed for the longer term.
  • On Vancouver Island, the Malahat is open one lane each direction during daylight hours. There will be overnight closures for at least the next 6 days.

Major Inland Routes:

  • Hwy 5, the Coquihalla, has multiple washouts and at least 5 structures are impacted.
  • Hwy 1 remains closed south of Spences Bridge to Hope. There are two washouts on Hwy 1.
  • Hwy 12 remains closed, but should be open later today.
  • Hwy 99 is closed south of Lillooet. Cleanup is progressing during daylight hours and it is anticipated to be open shortly. The slide has resulted in one confirmed fatality.
  • Hwy 8 between Spences Bridge and Merritt is closed as a bridge is destroyed and there are multiple wash outs.
  • Hwy 1 is open Kamloops to Golden, but single lane near 3 valley gap.

Hwy 3 appears to be the first route to be able to be reopened, perhaps by the end of the weekend. Movement of goods will be prioritized. The methodology for this will be communicated as soon as we become aware.

We have engaged CBSA and CBP to explore the option of in-transit goods movement from a border crossing in the interior to Pac Hwy. We will keep members apprised of work in this area as it progresses.