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Oriana is a Product Manager, Workforce Strategist, Labour Relations Expert and an Industry Advocate. She recently left the AMTA (alberta motor transport association) to pursue other industry initiatives (Working with Sunwapta Solutions and owner of Industry Workforce Development of Canada). She promotes opportunities within the industry, enhances workplace development and human resources, while providing labour strategies and expertise. Oriana Kolonsky Product Manager Sunwapta Solutions Inc.
A 54-year-old Bartender is pumping out cocktails like a boss, when safety, technology and a millennial walk into a bar. After a couple of looks, the Bartender asks the trio what they have in common. Ignoring the question, the millennial asks the...
Do the costs outweigh the risks? Is cheating really cheating if we don’t get caught? If we don’t weigh in and avoid reality, don’t we sleep better at night? I mean really, we’re all just really busy. Can’t we start again...