The Benefits of Empowering Your Workforce

As the new year settles in, we can begin focusing on the challenges ahead. In the trucking industry, one of those challenges is driver recruitment and retention. With that in mind, we at The Trucking Network are readying for the Mega Job fair on March 25th, 2023, at the Pearson Convention Center. A perfect opportunity for job seekers and employers to meet face-to-face. 

We aim to help make 2023 a successful year for business. It is part of our responsibility that we take seriously and is an essential part of our corporate culture. 

Your corporate culture separates your business from others in our industry. Defining it and promoting it can be essential to corporate success. A positive company culture or environment can help make your company a place where people want to work and are willing to stay. 

Chasing after new employees is costly in time, money and corporate resources. If your employees love their work, they are less likely to leave. Corporate culture is a set of your company’s shared goals, ethics, values, and work environment attitudes. It creates a team atmosphere where everyone is accountable. It imbues trust and responsibilities and empowers your employees. Companies that empower their employees reap many benefits.

Today’s HR teams focus on empowering workers as a cornerstone of a positive corporate culture. 

Empowering your drivers and team members can have a multitude of benefits. They include increased driver retention, improved driver performance, reduced accidents, increased safety-driven culture, and improved team morale and trust. 

You are showing your employees respect. According to a Harvard Business Review, no other leadership behavior has a greater impact on employees than demonstrating respect.

We are in an industry and world that is rapidly and constantly changing. Corporations that can adjust and adapt are the ones that will succeed. Providing your employees with shared goals, ethics, values, and work environment attitudes, makes everyone accountable and part of a team. Empowering, trusting and respecting your workers is the best way to ensure productivity, loyalty, and safety. 

It also creates a corporate culture and environment that others want to join. 

Let’s continue the conversation at the TTN Spring Mega Job Fair.

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