Slow traffic

city with row of cars on the road at evening and bokeh lights car

There are few things more frustrating than slow drivers on a 2 lane highway. The reasons for some people driving slow are as varied as anything can be, but the bottom line is, it is extremely frustrating being stuck behind slow moving traffic. 

Oversize loads are speed limited by their permits, usually to the posted speed limit, or perhaps a little under the posted limit. Passing them can be very challenging, especially if passing lanes are few and far between. The signage on oversize loads doesn’t tell you much beyond what you can see. Width and height are pretty obvious, but length is harder to determine. Of the 3, width and length pose the greatest challenges to overtaking. Most oversize loads will pull over to allow traffic to pass or they will reduce speed in a passing lane to let traffic pass, so your safest option is to be patient and wait for a safe opportunity to get around them. Do not, under any circumstances, take a risk and pass when you can’t see far enough ahead.  If the vehicle ahead of you pulls out to overtake, leave enough room for them to come back if they find they can’t make it past safely. 

Another scenario is the inexperienced driver, or an over cautious driver. These are the most dangerous, as it’s impossible to know what they could do next. Even in a passing lane, they may veer into your lane, or worse, drop onto the shoulder of the road, panic and over correct, colliding with you and sending both vehicles into oncoming traffic. Your best and safest course of action with one of these drivers is to pull over for a bit, let them get a fair distance ahead of you, then get back on the road.