Shift Into Winter Well Into Their Annual Campaign

The Trucking Network Inc

semi truck in a winter snowy highway

The Province of British Columbia in partnership with various organisations provides winter driving tips and advice to drivers through their Shift Into Winter website.  Established with the goal of improving safety on BC’s winter roads, the site offers resources to professional and amateur drivers alike.

In many parts of Canada, winter has only appeared so far in short bursts of cold weather and precipitation.  BC, though, continues to struggle through massive infrastructure damage resulting from the recent floods, and with route planning being incredibly important to manage the flow of essential supplies, drivers still need to remember the basics about winter driving since additional road closures will have an even greater impact on the supply chain than normal.

The Shift Into Winter site’s resources aren’t just for BC drivers.  Small vehicle and truck drivers can all benefit from the program.  The predictions for the 2021-2022 winter season vary greatly between provinces, so long-haul truck drivers should be prepared for a variety of challenging conditions.

No matter what the weather, though, certain regulations apply.  In BC as of October 1, large commercial vehicles have been required to carry tire chains and must install them properly when directed to do so or when the driver deems it necessary.  Drivers should practice this skill ahead of time so they are not learning it in a stressful situation when chains are mandatory.