Frequently asked Questions about the Women In Trucking Association

Although the Women In Trucking (WIT) Association was formed over fourteen years ago, there are still many people who don’t understand our mission and who we represent.  This article will answer the top frequently asked questions we receive.

First, let me remind you of our mission.  The Women In Trucking Association is a nonprofit organization that was formed to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry, promote their accomplishments, and minimize obstacles faced by women working in the trucking industry.

#1.  Does WIT only represent drivers?  No, we’re not “Women in Trucks,” we’re “Women In Trucking!”  Our members include drivers, but we also have trucking companies, truck dealerships, trucking academies and schools, insurance companies, other associations, suppliers and manufacturers as members.  Our over 5,000 members can be individuals or organizations.

#2.  Can men join?  Absolutely, we’re not just FOR women in the trucking industry, we are ABOUT women in the trucking industry.  Typically ,about fifteen percent of our members are men who join because they support our mission.

#3.  Are your members only in the United States?  No, we have members in twelve countries. Many of them join to get access to our resources, like data, research and our publications and webinars.

#4.  If WIT is a nonprofit, how do you make money?  We are a trade/professional organization, the IRS designation of a 501(c)(6) nonprofit.  This means our members are both individuals and companies who pay dues to become a member.

#5.  Where is your office? We are incorporated in Wisconsin, and our post office box is in Plover. However, we do not have a corporate office, and all of our team members work out of their own home offices.

#6. Who runs your organization?   Ellen Voie is the President and CEO and also the founder, but the association is led by a board of directors who oversee the activities and set the strategic plan.

#7.  How big is your staff?  We have five employees: a President/CEO, Vice President, Director of Programs, Director of Membership and a Driver Ambassador.  However, we are supported by an association management firm which also provides an additional five team members who report to their CEO.

#8. Why should I join?  We want our members to join Women In Trucking Association because they support our mission to increase the percentage of women employed in the industry.  However, there are also tangible benefits in joining as well.

#9. What are those benefits?   Our primary goal is to be a resource to our members.  We want to keep you informed as well as to provide educational and informational opportunities for you to be a well-prepared professional. We also provide networking thorough our website, our social media channels and our annual events, such as the Accelerate! Conference and Expo and our Salute to Women Behind the Wheel celebrations.

If you are looking for financial benefits, there are dozens of “members only” offers including discounts or premiums from our corporate members.  You will receive a discount to attend our conference and will get exclusive invitations to our events.

If you are looking for industry related resources, we have a recruiting and retention guide, an anti-harassment guide and best practices information only available to corporate members.

#10. How do you communicate with your members?  The primary way to get information out is through our weekly e-newsletter, but we also have a magazine, Redefining the Road and a platform we call, Engage, where our members can interact and socialize.   We have a weekly radio show on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Channel 146 every Saturday.  There are also monthly webinars with various topics that appeal to different members.  Finally, on our website ( you will find our press releases and our blogs.

#11.  Do you have a foundation?  Yes, the Women In Trucking Scholarship Foundation is a separate corporation and is an IRS designated charitable (501(c)(3) organization (  It is run by a separate leadership team and has its own board of directors.  The foundation provides scholarships to women seeking training as drivers, technicians, safety professionals or to advance her career in supply chain.

#12. What makes you different from any competitors?  We are the ONLY international organization devoted to increasing the ranks of all women in supply chain careers.  We also have unique resources at Women In Trucking, from a Girl Scout Transportation Patch, a truck driver doll, a Diversity & Inclusion Index initiative, Driver Ambassador Program and Image Team to name a few.  Our recognition programs include a member of the month, Influential Woman in Trucking, Distinguished Woman in Logistics, Driver of the year numerous programs in our magazine.