ELDs on the Horizon

June 12, 2021, remains the firm date in Canada for federally-regulated carriers to implement ELDs (electronic logging devices) in their vehicles.  While ELDs that have passed the third-party certification program are not yet (as of May 1st, 2021) available to the industry, Transport Canada remains steady in their commitment to federally-mandated ELDs.

Canada has taken a soft-enforcement approach to the June 12 deadline.  While the details are not clear in every jurisdiction, it is unlikely that there will be major penalties to carriers in the early stages.  However, ELDs are still required in June so carriers should not hesitate to install these systems after carefully shopping around.

Ask your prospective ELD provider where they are in the FP Innovations queue.  This is the third-party certification provider chosen by the Government of Canada to certify ELDs, and many manufacturers have submitted their devices for approval.  While there are no guarantees yet, a carrier can still do their homework to make an educated decision on an ELD system.