ELD Deadline Fast Approaching

On June 12th, 2021, ELDs (electronic logging devices) will become mandatory for federally-regulated commercial vehicles over 4500 kg.  While there is much controversy and frustration over the lack of certified ELDs, professional drivers need to simply remember when the deadline is and to expect increased hours of service enforcement.

If your company has not outfitted your truck with an ELD yet, they are likely waiting to find a certified unit before investing the money in the ELD.  Most jurisdictions have taken a soft approach to enforcement, so this approach by the carrier probably won’t cause a lot of problems.

Soft enforcement means that enforcement officers will focus on reminding and educating drivers instead of writing tickets.  However, soft enforcement will end sooner than we realise, so keep on top of the ELD rule and get a certified unit installed as soon as they are available.