E-Bulletin: Reminder CBSA Is Eliminating Two Service Options on April 15th

December 27/2023

Commercial Client BulletinReminder Elimination of ACROSS Service Options (SO) 257 (RMD EDI) and 117 (PARS Paper) TCC23-093
Start Date / TimeEnd Date / TimeClients Affected
2024-04-15N/AAll clients and service providers who submit trade data using EDI.
Please note, this bulletin was updated to provide additional detail on when the various service options can be submitted.

The vast majority of commercial shipments are now released using the release Service Option (SO) 911 (Integrated Import Declaration). As such, there is no business reason, or other reason to maintain release Service Option 257: EDI RMD and Service Option 117: Paper PARS. The volumes of both these service options are minimal as commercial clients have shifted release request volumes over to SO 911.

By decommissioning SO 257 and SO 117, the CBSA eliminates costly duplicative service options for both external commercial clients and the CBSA and simplifies the commercial importation process for importers/brokers and for border services officers.

The two ACROSS Service Options 257 and 117 will be decommissioned and no longer available for use on 2024/04/15.

The Paper RMD Service Option (174) will remain indefinitely. Furthermore, a Paper RMD can be submitted at any time up to 45 days prior to arrival, or 40 days after the goods have been reported to CBSA. In all respects, the Paper RMD will include the pre- arrival functionality of the current Paper PARS, with the added benefit of being able to submit multiple shipments, i.e., cargo control numbers (CCN) pre-arrival, in paper format.

Note: Release documents must be submitted electronically unless otherwise exempted. See paragraph (60) in Departmental Memoranda 17-1-4, for a list of EDI exceptions.

The EDI RMD Service Option (257) will be decommissioned and any shipments requiring multiple CCNs must now be submitted, whether (pre- or post-arrival), using the IID. The EDI PARS service will remain active alongside the IID although the intention is for it to also be decommissioned at a future date to be determined. Note: EDI PARS can be submitted up to 45 days prior to arrival and up to 40 days after the goods have been reported to CBSA.

Action Required
Brokers and importers are encouraged to use EDI release Service Option 911 (Integrated Import Declaration) and stop using release Service Option 257 (EDI RMD) as soon as possible to ensure a smooth and successful transition. For exceptions requiring paper, Service Option 174 (Paper RMD) should be used, whether submitted pre- or post-arrival of the goods.
Client Services / Contact Information
If you have comments or questions regarding this bulletin, please contact ImportPrograms.Programmesdesimportations@cbsa- asfc.gc.ca.

For more information about release service option (SO) 911 (Integrated Import Declaration), please contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit (TCCU).

Hotline: 1-888-957-7224

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 17:00 ET Call the hotline for technical assistance and problems regarding the submission of trade data, e.g. reject messages, via EDI or eManifest Portal. eMail support is also available for EDI applications, testing and general inquiries at the emails outlined below.

After Hours: Weekdays 17:00–08:00 ET Saturday, Sunday and all civic and statutory holidays – 24/7 Call the hotline for urgent technical assistance. When calling the hotline, leave a detailed message and an officer will return your call.

The Services Document clarifies which issues should be directed to the TCCU hotline, during and after business hours, as well as the types of questions to be referred elsewhere. This resource can be found here.

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