A Network for Life

HAMILTON, ON – July 14, 2022 – The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO)’s 6th Annual  Conference takes place on July 26-27 and is proudly sponsored by a network of key sponsors and supporters,  including Placemat Sponsor The Trucking Network.  

The Trucking Network (TTN)’s Mega Job Fair is a platform of opportunity for new and seasoned drivers, fleet  operators, technicians, maintenance crews, safety & compliance officers and other industry-driven professionals  to meet, network and nurture their careers together. TTN hosts hiring events throughout the year in different  regions of Ontario and Western Canada. 

This bi-annual event takes place at the Pearson Convention Center in Brampton, ON – the next one scheduled  on Saturday, September 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. – and offers a tremendous line-up of exhibitors, TTSAO accredited schools and an opportunity to build your industry network for life. 

Naveen Nav, Editor/Director of Sales and Marketing, explains that The Trucking Network is about bringing the  industry together in a real way where professionals can meet, share and support one another in their careers.  

“The [Mega Job Fair] is an opportunity to connect industry professionals with drivers who, together, can explore  diverse options that are available for them,” says Nav. “All you need is your resume and a cover letter about  yourself to begin with; it’s a platform to meet with real jobs, real people and build a strong network.” 

The TTSAO’s 6th Annual Conference offers a line-up of seminars and speakers that drive valuable messaging  for industry-wide involvement. Industry professionals will gather with schools, carriers, insurance providers,  associations, government and stakeholders to learn about Getting Students Hired by Best-in-Class Fleets, Social  Media, Making Cent$ of the Industry and more. 

To register, please visit ttsao.com/ttsao-conference.  

To learn more and to register for The Trucking Network’s Mega Job Fair in September, visit  www.thetruckingnetworkevents.ca/mega-job-fair-event-sept-24-2022.