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As a Manager of your business, what can you do to make your company, premises and people more secure without spending thousands of dollars? Here are some tips for you: No matter what size your company is, what size your property is or what size your fl eet is, the security aspect is an across the board issue for all of us today living in this world of theft and terrorism.

Headquarters/Offi ce Facility/Warehouse Security: Please make sure to have in place an internal facility security checklist that you do everyday, example of content: verify all windows are doors are locked, secure and in good working order, anything broken please make sure to get repaired right away. Make sure all computers are working, have fi rewalls, anti virus software and passwords for internal security. Make sure you know who is on your property, visuals are fi ne, if you have cameras great if not and are looking for some there are some very inexpensive ones like the Arlo which are easy to install and hook-up with your email and cell phone. Make sure if you have fencing that is in good repair. Trucks Security: Make sure your cab is kept locked at all times when you are not in it. Make sure that your trailer is equipped with a locking device, for domestic loads you will need minimum a tie wrap, I would recommend a padlock or bulldog plastic seal. If you are a CTPAT Certifi ed Carrier: for border crossings you will need to have a security seal affi xed to your trailer doors (if you need these let me know). Please make sure to do your 17-point inspections both pre and post trip (contact me if you need help with this). Report any issue whether you suspect someone may have been in or around your truck, if you see something out of the ordinary in your cab, engine or trailer, please notify your dispatch or 911 or if you are enroute to a border point, here are the emergency reporting numbers: CBSA: 1-888-502- 9060, CBP: 1-716-888-4912.

I have available emergency reporting posters if you would like some please let me know. Take care when hiring employees whether for your offi ce or drivers, make sure that you vet them fi rst, do a complete reference and background check, get a criminal record search done, for drivers – try to get them to gain a FAST Card (let me know if you need help with this), it’s a really great criminal record verifi cation on both sides of the border. Remember that we are living in a different world these days; criminal activity goes on daily and most especially in the transportation industry as in drug, weapon and human smuggling/traffi cking. If you need help or advice please feel free to give me a call. Having spent 20 years in this fi eld I’m a good source for security, compliance and customs information. For more information about this article or safety & compliance programs such as CTPAT, FAST, PIP, TTP, AEO, CSA, please contact Cross Border Services.