Monday, January 25, 2021
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Andrea Morley
Communications and Wellness Coordinator at NAL Insurance Inc.


Choices   We all know someone who is always talking about getting healthy. They tell us all of their big plans, how they are going to start their new “diet” or “lifestyle” on a specific date, and how this time it...
5 Steps for Changing your Health   When you’re looking to get healthy, it can be difficult to know what things you should focus on first. It’s up to you to decide what applies to your current lifestyle and goals, but prioritizing...
I’ve recent been hearing people refer to the fall as “the other New Year,” and I think that’s a great way to look at it, especially when it comes to your health! Last month we discuss ways to get...
These days, it seems like everyone and their dog is labelling their diet; paleo, keto, pescetarian, gluten-free, vegan, the list goes on… The nutrition world is filled with so much noise, with so many strong opinions, “quick fixes,” conflicting...
We’ve all been there: finishing a long day at work, tackling your to-do list, and then sitting down to relax, if you have time. Maybe you’re on the road and in the truck for the night, or maybe you’re...

Portion Control

Portion control is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Over the years, the portion sizes have grown tremendously. Burgers have 2-3 patties, pop bottles are triple the size of the original glass ones, and restaurant entrees...
>>           Have you experienced it before? The low energy, irritable mood, no desire to get out of bed, which usually occurs around this time of year? The Winter Blues, more formally known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), is a...
I love to see drivers making as much healthy food as possible either in the truck or at home before they leave for a trip, but sometimes prepping enough food for the road isn’t realistic, so it’s important to...
- often hear from people new to the industry who are afraid of gaining weight on the road, knowing that it can be difficult to eat well and exercise as a driver. If that’s you, I’m here to help! -...
  Andrea Morley Nutritionist & Health Coach Healthy Trucker   Whether you eat a perfectly healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables or you rely solely on fast food, it’s important to consider whether you could benefit from any types of supplements. The majority...

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