Drug Trafficking Ring Seized in Ontario

An International network of drug smuggling and trafficking has been dismantled in Barrie, ON by the OPP during their joint 15 month long investigation: Project Tattler. 

Project Tattler began in December 2017, 15 months of work buy the organized crime enforcement bureau, the K9 unit, OPP Teams, emergency response team, provincial asset team along with the Canada Border Service Agency, Canada Revenue Agency, US CBP and US Department of Homeland Security, the combined effort of all investigators involved, were able to apprehend and take down this drug smuggling and trafficking ring.  

In February 2019, 55 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of $5.5 million was seized from a long haul transport truck at the Windsor, ON port of entry. 

The truck, owned and operated by Slabodan Poznic of SP Trucking, was found to contain the bricks of cocaine hidden within the cab in a hydraulic compartment. Slabodan was enroute back to Canada from California. Slabodan was arrested immediately for importation of drugs into Canada and the tractor cab was also seized. 

During the 15 month long investigation, police also seized $800,000 in cash, a pick-up truck, a tractor trailer and three off-road vehicles, including two premium UTV’s and a snowmobile  total value $260,000. 

The cocaine was distributed throughout central and south west Ontario as well as the GTA. The monetary profits from the sales of these drugs was found to be paid out through Ontario, Canada and it was further discovered that money was being sent to Mexico therefore gaining the knowledge that these drugs did in fact originate from Mexico.  

Arrested and charged with drug importation and trafficking related offences during the Project Tattler were: Michael Nagtzaam 35 years old from Springwater Township, ON, Abrahan Brito 32 years old from New Tecumseh, ON, Slabodan Poznic 44 years old from Kitchener/Waterloo, ON.