Zavcor Trucking Limited Launches Truck Driving Academy!

Kirk Zavitz is no stranger to the transportation industry. He is the 2nd generation Zavitz to lead a Trucking company and knows the importance of hiring quality professionals. It is a well-known fact to those in the industry that the average age of today’s professional driver hovers over 50 years of age, and there is a shrinking pool of individuals considering becoming a professional driver as a long term sustainable career.
Zavitz says “there are endless opportunities for men and women entering the industry”. As we looked at those opportunities, we decided to take the natural next step to control our destiny as we continue to grow our Company. Zavitz went on to say” There are massive labor opportunities in the transportation industry. AZ drivers are in demand. Truck driving is a respected, and fulfilling career and offers high paying jobs for both genders”
Once enrolled at the Zavcor Professional Driver Training Academy, clients will have the opportunity to go to work directly for Zavcor Trucking Limited or one of their carrier partners after graduation.
In response to the market, and the need for highly skilled drivers, Zavcor took the steps to become an approved Registered Private Career College (PCC) dedicated to the truck driving profession. Zavcor PDTA will be open for business at its headquarters just outside of Fort Erie Ontario in early 2017.
Christine Trombley, Director of the Zavcor Professional Driver Training Academy has an extensive background in Human Resources and Safety in the Transportation Industry and will be overseeing the success of all graduates coming through the Academy. The ministry approved program that will be offered at the Zavcor PDTA exceeds the new Mandatory Entry Level Training (M.E.L.T.) standard by 80 hours and will provide each client with a concentrated, meaningful educational experience all in the same location of a fully functioning trucking environment.
There are many trucking companies in the Niagara Peninsula who will benefit from the “work ready” graduates coming out of the Academy.
When Zavcor was first considering entering into this sector of the industry, they turned to the industry professional sat (KRTS) Transportation Specialists Inc. for some guidance and advice in the school business. This led to a joint business venture. Matt Richardson, Manager of Operations and Sales at KRTS Inc. Says this was a natural fit for our 2 Companies. We share similar core values, and both organizations know how important people are to the success of any business.
The Zavcor PDTA is going to make a big impact on people pursuing long term sustainable careers as a professional driver, as well as trucking companies and industries not only in the Niagara Peninsula, but in the province.
Classes will commence in February of 2017. For more information contact Chrissy Trombley at 905-382-3444. Ext. 209