Windsor Police Taking Action to Re-Open The Ambassador Bridge

Transport trucks pass under a

Windsor Ontario Police have taken action this morning on the protests that have closed the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit. The Windsor Police tweeted at 8:15 am Sunday, “Enforcement actions continue at the demonstration area with arrests being made, vehicles are being towed. Please continue avoiding the area.”

There have been arrests made and vehicles towed. Fewer trucks, vehicles, and individuals are in the demonstration area near the Canada Customs checkpoint.

It is expected the Bridge will reopen sometime today, once the area is fully secure, according to Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Estimates are that the automotive industry alone has taken a $1 billion hit in the five-day closure of the Ambassador Bridge. This does not include the many other industries and jobs impacted by the bridge closure.

There have been rumblings from the American side of the border that the U.S. automotive industry is too dependent on Canada for parts and production. Fear is future automotive jobs in Canada may be at risk.

The spin-off of the border protest may have long-term repercussions on Canada’s economy.

So far, there has been no violence. The hope is the protest will soon come to a peaceful conclusion.