Will Corona virus prove to be a blessing in disguise?

There is a process called apoptosis or programmed cell death in nature that is as important as birth growth and development.This process eliminates cancer cells infected cell defective cells and equally often normal healthy cells for economising biological systems.Is Corona viral pandemic something of this sort .Answers to these questions are not far away.
Infirm and old will succumb
New born will equally suffer
Healthy population will be left behind by darwinian law of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Even HIV virus is a challenge till date and our only achievement on this count is better disease adjusted life span and stopping of vertical transmission of infections from mother to children.Because Corona virus needs only proximity and not even physical contact transmission can be very very fast.Under developed third world countries may suffer enormous human losses for reasons of crowding malnutrition. Certain zones like Himalayan cold zones may become endemic for reasons of providing required suitable climate thus making this pandemic regional and seasonal as well. We are trying to fight Corona virus like typical  army cardon and search  operation .but the Carson will become bigger and bigger and may become unmaintainable very soon.The current scenario is like typical pre war preparations.Actual war on Corona will be very different.This is just fog of war