Wabash Canada Launches GoRight™

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wabash Canada Launches GoRight™ KITCHENER, ONTARIO, November 7, 2017 — Wabash Canada, the Eastern Canada dealership for Wabash National’s semi-trailer solutions, is pleased to announce their GoRight brand identity for their innovative and growing fleet maintenance business. Over the past several years, Wabash Canada has developed comprehensive fleet maintenance solutions that provide tremendous value to their customers. Utilizing robust technology and Lean processes, they created streamlined and optimized solutions that empower their customers through insightful analytics to lower maintenance costs and improve fleet management, safety, and productivity. GoRight’s fleet maintenance service supports any make of trailers, as well as other types of assets. In accordance with Wabash Canada, the value proposition of the new brand remains the same; to be the leader in designing and delivering progressive fleet solutions that provide the lowest lifecycle cost for their customers. “Our GoRight brand, will continue to offer our customers the same innovative fleet maintenance solutions they expect from our organization,” said Brent Larson, CEO and Managing Director of Wabash Canada and GoRight. “Our GoRight brand better represents the diverse products we maintain for our customers, supporting our growth and our vision for fleet maintenance management service in the future.” The new brand identity reflects the ongoing commitment to providing world-class fleet maintenance services that will continue to evolve to meet client’s needs. The GoRight team is customer focused to deliver quality products and services, utilizing continuous process improvement, in a safe and productive environment. Partnering with their clients and leveraging cutting-edge technology, they provide comprehensive and insightful analytics designed to improve decision-making and ensure peace of mind. Wabash Canada, a Canadian corporation established in 2005, with its head office in Kitchener, ON and locations in Mississauga, Pickering, Montreal and the Maritimes, is the Eastern Canadian Dealership of Wabash National semi-trailers. Wabash Canada specializes in providing sales of new and used trailers, structured financing, fleet maintenance services, and aftermarket parts throughout Eastern Canada.