Volvo Previews VNR territorial haul model



Volvo Trucks North America offered a look at the state of trucks to accompany two see recordings for its new Volvo VNR territorial haul display.

“The VNR is completely reconsidered all around. It merges a present day, associated workspace inside the taxicab with striking outside lines and streamlined measurements for most extreme efficiency.  This is a truck worked to convey the adaptability our clients need to confront the difficulties of the quickly advancing North American cargo organize” said Göran Nyberg, leader of Volvo Trucks North America. “We expect that the VNR’s strong, dynamic appearance will change out of date view of what trucks ought to resemble.”

To gauge impressions of the VNR’s streamlined exterior styling, Volvo Trucks mentioned it recently offered a sneak peek to a few people—none of whom are actors, most with no connection to the trucking industry—and filmed their reactions.

Volvo Trucks noted it has been adopting automotive features to help make driving freight vehicles easier and created a state-of-the-art driving environment to help attract more drivers to the industry. New features include a proprietary steering wheel that tilts like a car’s—the first and only one in the industry—more ergonomic seats, an advanced infotainment system and a new instrument cluster with many new functions in the driver information display.

An updated version of the Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission and Volvo’s I-See predictive cruise control that memorizes road topography help shift more efficiently. Enhanced passive safety features and Volvo Active Driver Assist makes the new Volvo VNR the safest Volvo ever, according to the company.
Designed and engineered expressly for regional haul applications, the new Volvo VNR was developed to be adapted to bulk transport, flatbed, liquid tankers, port drayage, and other urban pickup and delivery operations.

“Volvo as a brand has always been innovative. We’re always driving progress,” said Nyberg.  “Especially in this new Volvo VNR, we wanted to apply technology to meet specific needs articulated by our customers. We’re giving them a better tool to apply to the complexities of their regional haul applications.”
The new Volvo VNR will make its public debut April 20 at ExpoCam in Montreal.