Unequal access to health

young girl child with medical mask wearing, protection against covid 19 or coronavirus pandemic on black background with copy space

The pandemic period highlights the shortcomings of the United States and the health of its citizens. Indeed, the country does not have a universal health care system, only the needy and the elderly benefit from semi-public coverage, Medicaid, and Medicare. As a result, individuals must take out private insurance to be reimbursed. However, 50 million people are poorly insured due to their economic and social situation. At the same time, 9% of Americans, or 27.5 million people, cannot afford the luxury of having coverage. As a result, many do not seek treatment, especially since they live in a country where the average cost of care is the highest.

For example, one father and his family had to pay $4,000 in hospital costs after being quarantined upon their return from Wuhan, China. Although Covid-19 alerts the world’s population, in the U.S. the tests are not covered. The unequal access to care appears to be a question of survival that Michael Jordan is trying to curb.