Trucking Media Campaign by the Canadian Trucking Alliance

Cargo truck on the mountain.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) is starting an impressive media campaign aimed at raising the profile of the trucking industry.  It is also designed to showcase the work and effort workers in the trucking industry have put forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The media campaign will take aim at younger workers who may be considering a career change and are interested in logistics. Given the current and expected increases in the truck driver shortage, anything that increases trucking’s ability to recruit from younger and more diverse groups of people is of value to the industry.

Truck drivers have worked steadily through the pandemic to deliver essential supplies.  Their work has been constant and frequently under high levels of uncertainty.  Those in the trucking industry have often enjoyed high levels of job security given the current labour shortage, so while the work has been challenging, those looking for steady pay would do well to consider trucking.

Through this media campaign, the trucking industry in Canada is being marketed as progressive and full of technology.  This is accurate, since green and driver-assist technology are beginning to show up in Class 8 trucks in North America.  Given how quickly the industry is changing, old stereotypes are being challenged.